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by kshino


why do drugs when you can do me 

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like 2 people irl take me seriously


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Anonymous: Would you spit on me for $10

why not

Anonymous: 'Course I'm still following you, silly. It was a fun story to tell my friends, anyhow.

kissu~ Thanks for sharing anon c:

Anonymous: Some months ago you reblogged a porn gif. I was just scrolling through my dash, everything normal, and then right as I was scrolling my grandma walks into the room and sees the porn gif in full view on my computer. I just stared at her in complete shock, she blinked a couple times, left the room, and never spoke of it again. It was the most horrendous experience of my life.

If you still follow me you deserve a kiss. I’m terribly sorry to hear this! I tag all of my nsfw/sex posts. 


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